Office Space

Pricing and details


Our small business center is ADA accessible and offers you a locked, private office with no additional utilities or fees. 

You can enjoy 24/7 free and shared access to:

  • The Ignite Building
  • Bathrooms (3)
  • Fast Wifi
  • Kitchen
  • Ignite Seminars and Small Business Training


Offices range in size from 8×12 (96 SF) to 28×20 (560 SF) and are all able to be customized to your brand look and feel. The smaller offices are $300/month for non-profits, $400/mo for for-profti, and the larger offices are $500-800/month.

If you need something built-out to suit your needs, we can discuss that with you.

Spaces are limited – so please reach out if you are interested in being one of our tenants.